Introducing DANG! minis!

1 minute read


As the DANG! organizers we decided to adapt how our monthly meetings function to better fit the needs of our community during this era of virtual meetings. We know it is difficult for people to join yet another virtual meeting, especially outside the normal work schedule. To combat this, we decided to change how we deliver data analysis tutorials, so we’d like to introduce DANG! minis!

DANG! minis! will be bite-sized video tutorials (~5-15 minutes) that cover a variety of topics in the data analysis world. These videos will be hosted on our YouTube channel. As an example, Kelly created our first mini! covering a quick intro to R Markdown.

Future video tutorials will cover the same variety of subjects we usually cover (e.g. visualization, pipelines, reproducibility, etc). We plan on releasing a few videos per month on a rolling basis and will provide a monthly summary covering the new additions.

We need your help! If there is a tutorial you would be interested in viewing or producing, let us know! We are especially in need of volunteers who would like to create videos.

Here are some example topics to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Intro to ggplot
  • Creating heatmaps
  • Intro to JupyterLab